Tuesday, 25 August 2009

What I did today...

As part of the point of this is to remind myself what I've done and what I need to do...I intend to note what I've done. Today I was off work sick and felt too rough to do much, but I still managed in the evening to plant muscari, purple croci and tete a tete narcissi in the front garden. I've also planted three patches of allium christophii on the right hand front bed - mental note to self to get more from wilkinsons and plant the other three beds.

I planted a Mary Rose English rose in the middle of the front left border - and found out from David Austins that I should wait til November to swop the Falstaff for the Lady of Meginch. Oh well, it will be worth it. The latter is a startling bright pink that looks great against my indigo blue front door. I've experimented with mycothingummy fungi for the first time - I put them in with the Mary Rose and I'm hoping to put them under the other roses when they are dormant. I also planted a mouse under one of them - my cat's very good at procuring dead rodents and apparently roses appreciate dead things.

I should really plant the cheap delphiniums I picked up on holiday for 50p each. I know that a North facing garden isn't the place, but the ones there at the mo seem fairly happy. I collected Saliva Patens seeds today as well, on the premise that Salvias shouldn't survive a North facing garden either.

Propagation is something that I really want to get into. I've always grown veg from seed - with greater and less success at times, but I've never really propagated a lot of flowering plants. Part of the Grand Plan is to have a table on the towpath where I sell stuff. I've done it a bit this year and really enjoyed it. I could have sold my tomato plants several times over, along with a few banana cakes, but I'd like to get a bit more organised. Partly I need the money, but I've also always loved stalls outside people's houses and it's just a nice thing to do, imho.

Learning how to grow perennials is just part of the plan. I'd really like to have a go at budding roses actually, but that's a bit of a long term ambition. I need to get some rosa laxa rootstock for a start..

ah, time for bed again.

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